Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome To My World of AppDictions

A World Where Apps Take Over Your Mind Body & Soul.

Hi! My name is Dina and I here to tell you I am AppDicted to Apps. My AppDiction has caused me to fall into a world where I eat, drink and sleep apps. Humm, what can I find today? Who's page should I hit first? What app will be free today? So many questions to answer, yet not enough time to app quest.

I'm a mom of 5 children total. I am 29ish (that is my story and I am sticking to it), originally from Brooklyn New York now residing upstate New York. I got married 3 yrs ago to wonderful man who treats me like a shining star. He is a hard working man who doesn't know the meaning of Rest. He is my Love and although I don't always make it clear and known, I would be so lost without him, he is my missing piece of my heart.(Shhh, I don't do sappy well so let's keep this on the down-low)

I have 3 children of my own and 2 stepchildren. The age range is from 3yrs old to 21. (Ok Ok I know what your thinking 29ish, Yeah Right more like 40ish). I am very proud of those kids, they are good kids (when they're sleeping) and I would not trade them for the world. My Daughter is in college for Cyber Security and works 2 jobs. My Son graduated when he was 16 and started college for Food - Management/Cooking and Nutrition and works. He flew the coop when the getting was good.(guess he is smarter then his older sister huh LOL ). My baby is why I began my quest for apps and never stopped. He goes to school, he takes up how to drive a teacher nuts in 30 days or less. My Step-son and daughter live with their mom and are very active in sports, drama and scouts.

To make a long story short and my reason for this blog - Aiden is a very bright little boy with a communication and sensory issue. He is on the Autistic Spectrum. He lost his speech at 18 months and stopped eating solid foods. (happened over night ). I put him in Early Intervention and never looked back, just ventured on forward to help him. He is now in Special Education and getting the help that he needs. Aiden's speech is slowly coming back but he does not get the back and forth communication yet. His speech is not clear and he does not put words in sentences. YET! ... He can count to 30 and 1 to 10 backwards and forwards. He knows his shapes, colors and alphabet. He also can speak a little Chinese..(Yet can not get the English words out..LoL). The look on his face is heart breaking, you can see he wants to talk but nothing comes out.  (nothing that makes sense) So before I start to cry, I will tell you that Aiden will speak - May not be today but it will be soon.

Now - The reason I made this page is to share with you the Apps and information that help Aiden and I everyday. Also to tell you about a page that I Admin on and about the Apps that are there. So bare with me everyday while I add information and throw in some fun. ( shhhh don't tell Emmy that I will be giving some App Promo's here :) ) .....


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