iLuvDrawing Weekly Drawing Event

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iLuvDrawing is gearing up for Summer Fun. We want your creativity to Shine as bright as the Sun!
We are going to have a drawing event each week from Friday UNTIL Wednesday Midnight East Coast US time.

1.You must use any of iLuvDrawing apps.
2.The Event will take place on Every Friday until Wednesday midnight East Coast US time. A winner will be chosen on Thursday. Once we announce the winner, you can start submitting new drawings.
3.Share this Event and help us spread the word.
4. All Pictures Should Be Posted To iLuvdrawing's Page.

The winner can choose one of their favorite app(s) they have on their wish list, could be a Non - iLuvdrawing app - up-to $4.99 in total. So Let's go have some fun creating With iLuvDrawing. Anything is POSSIBLE with the Imagination.


iLuvDrawing Animals
iLuvDrawing HD People
iLuvDrawing People iPhone
iLuvDrawing Monsters HD
Into for All iLD Apps
iLD Animals demo
iTunes Store
iTunes Store

Week #1 (6.30.12 to 7.12.12)

                             Winner is Meryl Harris (Dino)

CLOSED - Weekly Winner is Meryl Harris - 
New one Begins 7/13/12 -7/19/12


  1. Any topic? Where are we submitting them to?

    1. Hi Miss Speechie - As long as the pic is Kid - Friendly :). Please Submit(upload) all drawings to the iLuvDrawing FB Page. TY Dina

  2. Hi5! Sharing via email, too. Are you on Pinterest? Would like to pin Appy AppDICtive Mommy' on several 'EnjoyHi5Autism ' Boards: Special Needs Blogs; iPod Touch and iPod; and Summertime Fun.
    Also, we enjoy 'iLuvDrawing' and 'AbiTalk' apps!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I do hope you follow both the pages, we have so much coming up :). Yes I am on Pinterest but I have to fix it up some :) ... .... TY again. Please enter all our events :) ..TY for sharing :) D