Sum- Mer Fun Give A Way

We at Abitalk Community and iLuv Drawing wanted to do a little something for the end of Summer. A few friends gave us some codes to give to away so you and your children can enjoy. We hope you had a wonderful Summer filled with laughs, good memories and time with friends & family! So please Enjoy SUM -SUM -MER Fun Give A Way. 


About Ellies Toys

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Ellie's Wings is a fun finger painting game that allows kids to easily paint beautiful wings of animals! Simply choose a color, an animation or just splatter random patterns on one wing to make the identical pattern appear on the opposite side.

***** "It’s got all the makings of a stellar application for children " - 
***** "We love kid-safe apps and Ellie’s Wings is a stand-out in that category" - 
***** Best children's game award GTM Israel 2012 
***** No. 1 Education Category in Israel 

Ellie's Wings offers beautifully animated animals that need your help in coloring their wings, coloring or decorating one wing will show an identical pattern on the other wing,
but WAIT, It is not just about coloring Ellie's wings gives you the option to add handmade animations, color splatters and even a spider making it a fun and unique app.

All the animals laugh, get excited and even faint reacting to according to your choice and patter of colors or animated decoration placed on the wing.
Game consists of 6 different animals
③Friendly dragon 
⑤Dragon fly

❀ Just like Finger Painting only MUCH more ❀

Easily paint and laugh along with 6 different animals, The symmetrical drawing turns any art work into a beautiful master piece

❀ Communication and positive feedbacks ❀

✓All the animals respond with voice and movement.
✓When they are happy they will jump and cry with joy
✓Tickle them while painting and they will roll with laughter
✓Ooops, did you spill the paint? Never mind, the animals will hand you a towel to clean up the mess
✓The mysterious spider, have you ever seen a peacock faint?? :)

❀ The Masterpiece gallery ❀

If you want to save your work just click the camera
Review your gallery and continue unfinished art work

❀ More than just paint brushes and colors ❀

Easily add handmade animation to the wings of your favorite animal
Flowers that open and close, magical lights that blink, beating hearts and many others 

❀ Voices, Sounds and movements ❀

Each animal has its very own voice and movement gestures
The color palette is also a musical xylophone‏‏‏‏ you can actually play on.

✿✿Ellie's wings was developed by Ellie's toy Company ✿✿ 

"Ellie's toy Company" is an independent game studio that creates original and fun digital toys for children. We believe that the best way to learn is by playing fun stress free games. Our games promote the use of imagination and self expression in a safe and stress free environment. All games developed for our own children and that includes Ellie the 3.5 year old daughter of Daniel Sonnenfeld Founder of Ellie's Toys

✓✓ We do not use IAP
If you like the light version simply buy the full version

✓✓ We do not use third party advertising*
Safe and free of environment for you and your child

✓✓ Play along with your child
Explore the app alongside your child

About Abitalk Apps - Emmy Chen 

I am a mother of 2 and an app developer. I stared developing apps for iPads/iphone Droids last year. I was teaching my son to learn phonics and reading and found by using the ipad he was able to learn the concepts faster. My research found the ipad to be the Best Tool for Children and Students to learn with. The apps I made helped my son so I continued to produce more. I have produced 50+ apps so far with more to come. I welcome any thoughts and suggestion on past, present and future apps. Thank you for your support. 

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Abitalk will be giving away (1) app to 2 winners. Any Abitalk app of their choice. 

iLuv Drawing -  

Learn With Fun Apps ---- I Luv Drawing WebPage

Learning to draw made super easy with 'iLuv Drawing' series of apps! 


  • Each app has its own worksheet and here is the link to those...
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Angell Echo

We are an iPhone and iPad app developer. 

We create customized apps, do in-app advertising and provide in-house app services. 

Also, we are very proud of our Magikid app series for children. 

Angell Echo was featured in the “App Store Rewind 2011” and in many categories in the

App Store, including Staff Favorites, New & Noteworthy and Top 10 Grossing. 

The proof is in the pudding. Check out our apps and let us know what you think!

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iStoryTime - 

StoryTime was dreamed up by fathers who are committed to their 

families and love to have fun, especially with technology. Driven by a 

passion to share books with their own children, we wanted to make it 

possible to always have a book to read with our little ones. We are 

building an eclectic library of children’s books from a variety of authors 

and artists.

iStoryTime is so easy to use, a two year old can do it! Which is perfect 

because these apps were made for kids. A simple swipe of the screen 

turns the pages. The app is set up with narration so the kids can still 

hear the story if you’re busy driving, shopping, etc.

iStoryTime children's books; whenever, wherever.

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Deedil was created by teacher mom Ashley and a tech geek dad Greg. 

Their first book available in the App Store is

Robot ABCs with Jinxie, which is now available on iPhone and iPad 

The best part about each Deedil book is that they are put through 

rigorous testing with the resident testers...

daughter Kaylin and son Ryker. Seriously, they're tech geniuses!

Deedil Apps

Robot ABC with Jinxie

Magikid Apps 

Now we have 5 Magikid apps. More Magikid apps is coming soon.

Magikid Stage:;

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End of Sum- mer Give A Way - Enjoy!

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  1. Trace letters would be a great app for me to use with the kids that I work with!

  2. Trace Letters would make learning to write super fun for my kiddo!

  3. I would love an early reading app to use with my special Ed preschool class!